Durga Engineering ” Protomac Extrusion Private Limited” is manufacturing & designing die (manual )center cross head from 0.40 mm diameter to 170 mm diameter with single layer , double layer ,single centering , double layer (skin),& stripe (marketing)for various type of compound like PVC ,HDPE, PP,PE, XLPE, nylon, rubber etc.de also manufacturing the rubber  cross head with water jacketing the system to control house wiring ,jelly fixed telecom cable ,optical fiber cable , submersible cable, lift cable, flat cable, shaped cable, control cable, power cable, H.T. cable etc. All cross head can be fitted to virtually any extruder .de cross head have found application in wire & cable , pipe, profile & medical tubing industry . Durga also manufacturing the compounding cross head for compound extruder The Durga cross head series is designed to meet the need and requirements for different type of cables and fits every extrusion line the series if comprised of cross heads for insulation and jacketing purposes. the Durga cross head prevents process – deviations and increases quality and efficiency