The company produces up to 0.5 sq. mm cable tool for 220kV outer sheathing in dual head, single head and other types of cross heads in India. We use imported raw materials like SKD11 Japanese tool steel, SKD61, and SKD63. We use vacuum heat treatment for treating these materials. In Delhi-NCR, there are only two or three organizations that use vacuum heat treatment for SKD11. Vacuum heat treatment is basically used for auto machinery like pistons and engines. We now use the same process to manufacture tooling. We follow similar methods while manufacturing cross heads.

Our technological experts and R&D team work rigorously to develop and deliver world-class products to the clients within 24 hours. Committed to quality and innovation, we always ensure that our products meet the international quality standards. The wide range of models are available in Fixed Centering, Manual centering, Single Cross Head, Dual Cross Head and Triple Cross Head.

Reason For Choosing Us

Low & easy maintenance
100% Guarantee
Quality Material